Why you should hire a luxury yacht

You may have always wanted to hire a luxury yacht. Well what’s stopping you? Hiring a luxury yacht is a truly unique, unforgettable and amazing life experience. You get to travel the world and see areas that you will have never seen before. Whether you are travelling with family, friends or even colleagues, chartering a yacht is an extraordinary experience for everyone.

A birthday to remember:

Hiring a yacht is perfect for any event. Just imagine, you and your closest friends cruising down the French Riviera celebrating your next birthday. Drinking champagne, sunbathing, swimming in the crystal blue water and blowing out the candles of your birthday cake in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Maybe you want to celebrate your birthday in style and throw a huge yacht party? You could hire a superyacht and have all your friends onboard celebrating you on your cruise. Or even a quayside party where the boat doesn’t leave the port and there is virtually no limit to how many people could attend.

An unforgettable family holiday:

Yachting around places such as France, Greece, Italy, Spain or even Bora Bora, could be exactly what you need for your family holiday this summer. Onboard and off the yacht there are plenty of things to do. There are wonderful crews which will cater to all your needs. Whether you want to sit back and relax or play on the toys with your kids in the ocean, hiring a luxury yacht is a holiday everyone would enjoy! You could hire a boat for a day and make it a part of your holiday. Or you could even hire for it for weeks at a time and make your whole holiday an amazing adventure travelling the sea and exploring parts of the world only accessible by boat.

A work event that stands out:

Maybe you are planning an event in work and are trying to make it a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Hiring a luxury yacht would be perfect for any corporate event or party. Yachts at quayside can hold much more guests than yachts travelling at sea and are a great venue and way to impress guests and host some very memorable events or meetings!

Wake up every morning in a new amazing location and explore areas untouched by tourists and only accessible by boat.

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So why should you charter a luxury yacht?

Chartering a luxury yacht is an unmatched experience. You are able to customise your journey to make it your dream vacation and do whatever your heart desires. 

Wake up every morning in a new amazing location and explore areas untouched by tourists and only accessible by boat. Wine and dine in some of the finest waterside restaurants or stay on board and cruise through the ocean while eating meals made to order by your own personal chef and crew. The planning for your holiday is all done in advance so it will be a stress free, fantastic voyage. Travelling by yacht is the ultimate ways to explore the world and its oceans. 


To Summarise:

➢ Experience a unique, amazing and unforgettable travel experience 

➢ Travel to places in the world that you can only see and are only accessible by boat

➢ Have a get together with family and friends like no other

➢ Celebrate and make your events and parties unforgettable



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