Building a Bridge Between Old and New

With the Southampton Boat Show coming up, thoughts turn to the latest kit and perhaps that new Multi-Function Display that you have been promising yourself. However, “buyer beware” as some of the latest new systems only have NMEA2000 interfaces and connecting your shiney new plotter to your existing GPS, Instruments, VHF and Autopilot may not be quite as simple as you thought.

The very popular Raymarine Axiom series for instance (see image above) is one such system, along with some of the smaller Simrad/B&G plotters and it is a trend that is likely to continue.

The good news is, that Digital Yacht have the perfect solution for this type of situation. Our iKonvert gateway will efficiently bridge the older NMEA 183 interfaces with the newer NMEA 2000 networks, providing fast bi-directional conversion between the old and new systems.

Whether you are trying to get the new plotter’s GPS to give your older DSC VHF radio a position, hoping to use the plotter as a graphical repeater for your older instruments or intending to make your old tiller pilot steer to the route on your new plotter, the iKonvert will make sure that the right data gets to the right place.

Of course this does assume that you already have an NMEA 2000 network “backbone” on your boat and often purchasing a new plotter will be the catalyst for having to install one. Digital Yacht can again help, with our NMEA 2000 Starter Kit, which is a cost effective way to install an NMEA2000 network. It includes everything you need; Power Cable, 4 way backbone, network terminators and a 1m drop cable allowing three NMEA2000 devices to simply “plug and play” together.

So buy with confidence at this Southampton Boat Show, knowing that whatever your interfacing needs, Digital Yacht have a solution that will keep the data flowing.


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