212 Yachts – What is Superyacht Charter?

There is no doubt that a luxury superyacht charter is among the finest holiday experiences available. It offers unmatched access to some of the world’s most extraordinary destinations, luxurious comfort, first-class service, bespoke cuisine, and your personalized selection of incredible activities.

Whether you crave high-octane water sports, cultural tours, glamorous nightlife, or off-the-beaten-track solitude, there is a superyacht, a bespoke itinerary, and a destination just for you. With a luxury superyacht holiday, you will experience the world from some of the most privileged perspectives, and gain unique impressions of every destination you explore.

Imagine dining on the deck of your chartered superyacht with the sunset over the tourism hotspot of Phuket, Thailand, or picture you and your family diving the reefs of the Caribbean islands or going on a peaceful morning swim in the clear waters of The Bahamas.

What is Superyacht Charter?

Superyacht chartering refers to the practice of renting (chartering) a superyacht for your own personal use, and traveling to a choice of various island or coastal destinations. It could either be a holiday activity or a business event. A superyacht charter offers luxury, privacy, first-class service, tailored cuisine, unique destinations and more.

Why Charter?

A luxury superyacht charter offers everything you could imagine and then some, from absolute relaxation to treasured family moments and breath-taking adventure, it is the ultimate escape. Chartering a superyacht allows you to explore various global destinations while you enjoy all the amenities and comforts of a luxury villa.

Your dedicated charter broker of choice will carefully guide you through the selection process after finding out your requirements, assisting you to make the best final choice and negotiate the best rates.

Facilities to Expect in a Superyacht

On-board a superyacht, you have access to a superior level of luxury and get to witness exclusive sights. You will also enjoy full, unencumbered access to the world’s most beautiful destinations.

What’s more, on a charter holiday, you can choose from a wide selection of activities on board, in the water, and on land. You also get delectable cuisine served on deck or in local restaurants ashore and experience impeccable service from a knowledgeable and charming crew.

Some facilities to expect from a charter superyacht include a beach club, spa, gymnasium, sauna, massages, salon services, swimming pool, sun pads, luxury dining spaces, cinema, night club, fully-equipped toy garage, water sports gadgets, and jetboat. There are also a lot of accessories and safety equipment, such as life rafts and life jackets.

Superyacht Charter Destinations

Superyacht charters offer the best way to travel with offer new horizons to discover and different shorelines to explore. Some popular destinations include:

  • The French Riviera
  • South-East Asia
  • The South Pacific
  • The West and East Mediterranean
  • The East Coast and West Coast of North America
  • Florida
  • Bahamas
  • The Caribbean

Cost of Chartering a Yacht

The cost of a superyacht charter is dependent on several factors, including the type of superyacht rented, local taxes, the charter destination of choice, and the base cost. Also, if the yacht is a very new build, that will add to the price tag.

Yacht charters have wide-ranging base prices, which is why a charter with crew, on a commercial vessel,  can cost anything from €20,000 per week, up to 4 million Euros per week for the most luxurious superyachts. This is a wide variant, and for this reason when you are speaking with your yacht charter broker it is helpful to provide them an idea of your desired spend, so they can tailor a selection of suitable yachts for your review.

Two types of crewed superyacht charters exist in the world of yachting:

  • All-Inclusive Charters: The rates are tied to the number of guests available. They include food and drink as well as fuel costs and water sports. Taxes and dockage, though, are charged separately. All inclusive is rare and slightly more common for Caribbean yacht charters.
  • Plus Expenses Charters: Rates for superyacht don’t include running expenses that you must pay separately. Thus, the base price charged is for the superyacht only. Any additional expenses, such as food, fuel, bar, dockage, and port taxes, VAT are separate.

Several factors affect superyacht charter prices. Since these sailing vessels are privately owned, owners set their charter prices, which, in part, explains the significant price differences between vessels of similar lengths. Nevertheless, several other factors can impact rates, including:

  • The Superyacht: The year it was built, previous owners, the builder, and the selection of water toys can all influence the price of the charter.
  • Reputation: Vessels can develop a reputation, such as the largest, most luxurious, having a famous builder, or celebrity owner. They also gain a reputation of being excellent charter yachts, with incredible crew to serve you.
  • Season: Prices often rise during peak seasons – such as winter in the Caribbean or high summer in the Mediterranean – and fall in low seasons.
  • Destinations: The charter destination of choice also affects charter costs. For instance, prices increase in destinations without large charter fleets (think the Galápagos). Whereas, popular destinations have competitive prices, such as the Bahamas.

On top of the running and provisioning costs of chartering a superyacht, there are several other additional cost considerations as follows:

  • Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA): The APA fee is similar to the captain’s expense account during the charter. At the end of your charter, the captain will give you a detailed report of your APA account and return any unused funds.
  • Taxes and VAT: Most superyachts do not include VAT and local taxes into their charter rate. So you must cover them. Depending on the location VAT rates vary, and in many cases, depending on the cruising itinerary can be reduced in your favour.
  • Insurance: You can purchase curtailment and cancellation insurance. Your charter broker can assist you in weighing your options.
  • Crew Gratuity: Though it is not usually mandatory, crew gratuity is highly recommended, especially if you were impressed with your experience. This recommendation is often written into the charter contract. The crew will be working hard for you, in anticipation of a big tip / gratuity.

Exceptional Charter Experiences Created by 212 Yachts

212 Yachts is a luxury yacht charter brokerage that offers an unmatched selection of the best luxury superyachts and motoryacht rentals for charter in the world. We have every type of yacht imaginable for groups of all sizes. We proudly combine local operations with destination knowledge and expertise to offer truly personalized and responsive services.

At 212 Yachts, we understand that no experience can match a superyacht charter, which is why we work closely with you to plan a charter that offers the ultimate holiday experience. From sublime meals to idyllic anchorages and one-of-a-kind activities, we ensure that your charter has it all. We work closely with you, to guide you through the process, whilst always keeping your best interests at the fore. We have built our trusted reputation on quality service and repeat, loyal clients.

Contact us today for a complete proposal or a friendly discussion, or a quote for your superyacht charter.

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