Why Yachtys Should Love Bitcoin and Other Crypto-Currencies

Why Yacht-users should love Bitcoin and other Crypto-currencies

Digital currencies such as Bitcoin have increased in popularity over the years and it fair to say that among most users are rich people who own or use yachts often. Use of digital currencies is safe and cheaper as it is not only paperless but it eliminates the middleman’s fee which is a lot especially for a large sum of money. It has become a useful way to store finances with the opportunity of actually growing over time.

Therefore, like any business, yacht companies try to meet their clients where they are (using crypto) and one way is by also adopting the use of crypto-currencies. This makes the purchase of yacht products or services easier especially for the customer as well as the yacht company.

However, alike every opportunity there is in the business world, there is always a risk attached to it. For instance, is the situation with Bitcoin whereby back in 2017 its price reached close to $20,000 while today it is around $500. But such volatility is usually common with new technology in the market before total adoption, in the end, people always go for cheaper and convenient transaction methods. Especially, where a large sum of cash is involved.

So, why use Digital currencies?
Very Low Transaction Fees

Unlike most transaction Bitcoin and other online currency eliminate the middle-man, meaning the transaction fee is lowered or there is none. In some currencies, a fee is only charged for increased speed of transaction process and other priorities in the network.

User Anonymity and Secure Transactions

Unless you voluntarily establish your transactions public, purchase transactions of our yacht services are discrete. The transactions are never linked with your personal identity like in other online transactions. This is facilitated by a technique whereby every let’s say Bitcoin address is generated for each transaction.

In addition, the information on how you make your payment is in a decentralized blockchain that provides a high level of encryption.  The encryption uses high technology such that is virtually impossible to break.

No Middle-man

This is one of the main reasons that made digital currencies very popular that banks, governments, and other financial intermediaries cannot take part in your transaction. Online Currency transactions are pure peer-to-peer exchanges meaning no one can freeze your accounts and that you have total freedom to purchase a yacht.

No Taxation

Thanks to the no-middleman situation (in this context the government), your transaction cannot be intercepted or tracked for the collection of any tax. This means that when you purchase our yacht or services through Bitcoin and other online currencies, you will not be obliged to pay any sales taxes. Imagine how much you could be saving.

More convenient Mobile Payments

Like other online payment systems, you can make payments with digital currencies anywhere anytime as long you have internet access to your mobile device. Also, the purchase information does not reach your bank or other financiers. In addition, you are not required to give your personal information to complete the transaction.

Have control over your money

Having taken steps to protect your wallet, you are in charge of your money and transactions such that no third party can make any payment without your consent. You have higher control over your finances as digital currencies have a stronger level of security features and other functionalities are offered to protect you from fraud.

Global Currencies

Most digital currencies are used by most countries therefore anytime or wherever you are you can transact with us to acquire our quality service. Also, you do not require special software or equipment to make payments. With bitcoin wallet address, you can make transactions within the 24 hours throughout the year.

Undisputable record

Your payments for our services or products cannot be challenged as the record of your transaction is non-changeable. Crypto-currencies transactions are recorded in the blockchain also your funds are usually locked in a public key cryptography system.

Proof of currency risks

Digital currencies are minimally affected by hyperinflation and precarious environment of currencies. For instance, the maximum number of Bitcoins to be issued is 21 million while its growth is predictable, so they cannot just be poured out in the economy like fiat currencies.

No credit card declines

With the required amount to make payments for our products, there is no hindrance such as your credit card being declined due to credit card limit, Fico score or lack of payment.

Other Advantages:
  • fast and easy to use
  • no risk of reverse transactions

iii. distributed currency over nodes (computers) across the globe


Digital currencies are one of the greatest inventions in the world and we are lucky to be in an era where we can use it. In summary of why you should use online currencies, it is clear that we have more to lose by not adopting such technology. We at yatchwealthclub.com offer high-quality services that surpass the standards in the yacht business. Contact us anytime from anywhere to have access to our luxurious facilities where we make every penny worth it.



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